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Business Meeting 2nd November 2017

Business Meeting 2nd November 2017



The District Governor, Derek Prior, presented David Hammond with his chevrons for 15 years service. He congratulated David and thanked him for his years of service to Lions.


The District Governor presented President Tony Wass with his Banner and Pin. The President reciprocated, presenting the District Governor with a Club Banner.




The District Governor addressed the Meeting. He announced that his motto for the year was ‘Together we can do so much’. He expanded on that theme. He reminded the Club that the incoming International President had adopted the motto ‘We Serve’, which was going back to basics. The Vice President and Second Vice President had already announced their intentions to continue with that same motto.

He went on to say that Lions would be focussing on a number of key areas in the years ahead. In addition to the familiar themes of Sight, Hunger and the Environment there would also be a focus on Diabetes and on Childhood Cancer. Diabetes was a major problem worldwide, with 844 million diagnosed cases and an expectation that at least as many were undiagnosed. It was a problem in particular in developing countries, as changes in diet contributed to a rise in obesity. Unlike the UK, for example, there was very little in the way of support in these countries from government of charitable organisations. So there was an opportunity for Lions to get involved, make an impact, and gain recognition.

Similarly with Childhood Cancer, which was on the increase although the reasons were unclear. Again, there was an opportunity for Lions to get involved and make their mark.

The District Governor then went on to talk about CIOs, which were a form of registration with the Charity Commission being recommended to all Clubs. Recent changes in the law meant that this was now the appropriate form of registration for Lions Clubs. The benefits of being registered as a CIO included limited liability for the Club and for individual Members. The Club would also be able to claim Gift Aid on Members subscriptions if it was registered as a CIO.

The District Governor referred to the recent decision by the Lion Magazine to drop the obituaries. This had been done without consultation, and the Council of Governors had instructed the Lion Magazine to reinstate the feature with immediate effect.

In closing, he thanked the Club for its hospitality and for an interesting and enjoyable meeting.

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