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Handover Dinner - Thursday 15th June 2017

  • Handover Dinner - Thursday 16th June 2016 Lions Club of Stowmarket & District Handover Dinner at the Cedars hotel on Thursday 16th June 2016. The Handover Evening is where the President passes his chain of office and the role of...

Lion President Kevin Standrin welcomed everyone to the 2017 - 2018 Handover

Kevin introduced Sue Smith, Fundraising Manager for My Wish Charity at West Suffolk Hospital who had very kindly come along that evening to receive two cheques for My Wish Charity raised the previous Friday by Lion Gary Nunn and his team of Lions at the Terry Cook Memorial Charity Golf Day where £6,000 was raised in total


Lion President Kevin Standrin presenting Sue Smith with a cheque for £1,800 for the Rainbow Unit at West Suffolk Hospital


Lion Gary Nunn - organiser of the Terry Cook Memorial Golf Charity Day which raised £6,000 presenting the second cheque to Sue Smith for £1800, this time for the For-get-me-not Dementia Appeal.


Sue Smith spoke of her work heading up Fundraising for My Wish Charity at West Suffolk Hospital which was an umbrella for fundraising for 91 individual causes at West Suffolk Hospital and how impressed and grateful she was to receive these monies from Stowmarlet Lions knowing only too well how hard people needed to work to obtain such results.




Lion President Kevin Standrin welcomed everyone and gave a particularly warm welcome to Janet Hart. Kevin gave his apologies for the fact that work commitments had taken him away from the office of Lion President for much of the year but thanked past presidents and particularly Vice president Tony Wass for so readily stepping up and helping out as Lion President.

Kevin went on to say that this year the Club had lost three charter members, Ernie Pearce, Brian Thomas and Lew Hart who were the foundation of the Club and so was particularly good to see efforts and results of the work of the club over the year despite these devastating losses. There had been over 50 events in the last year, so still a very busy club and on the evidence of our treasurer and chairman of fundraising, Lion Kev Parker, the club raised a fantastic total of £52,000. So a big thank you goes out to Kev Parker and all those Lions involved in delivering simply great fund raising events. The was a record total for fundraising on Santa's sleigh this year. Andrew and Stuart did us and Ernie proud with the organisation and record-breaking fundraising for the boxing. More recently, Gary similarly did a fantastic job organising charity boxing day putting everything into it.

Turning to giving away the monies raised by the club, Community services under the stewardship of Dave Thomas gave money to some 77 different causes, many heart rendering, all heart warming in what we were able to do to help.

On the social side of the club and equally important, Andrew Ward not only worked with Stuart in masterminding the Charity boxing dinner and also put together an extremely enjoyable, varied and interesting range of social events with his responsibility for programe.

Lion president applauded the efforts of the Officers who keep the Club running and to the dedication and support of all the Members and their partners, family and friends extending the reach of the Club out to 100 - 150 people. Kevin in particular singled out the support of the Ladies and proposed a toast to the Ladies.

Now for the presentations:

100% attendees during the year:

Andy Manning
Alex Jarrett
Keith Cooper
John Smith
Douglas Whyte
Tony Wass
Bill Bowbrick

It was just that small thing about the boxing monies Stuart - absolutely fantastic achievement - probably best ever, it's just that four weeks later and you kept finding more and more money !


Lion of the Year

Kevin said with the Club having such good members and officers there was a good number of potential candidates but this year he had singled out the outstanding work of Dave Thomas. Kevin applauded the detailed work, research and results that Dave Thomas had given over the last 12 months as Chairman of Community Services and for all of his efforts was awarding him Lion of the Year.


Time now to hand over the chain of office to his successor Vice President Tony Wass


Before accepting the chain of office Vice President Tony Wass presented Kevin Standrin with his Presidents medal.


The chain of office was then passed over to new Lion President for 2017 - 2018 Tony Wass




New Lion President Tony Wass explained that this was the 36th handover dinner since the first charter in 1980. He congratulated past president Kevin Standrin and his team of officers for an excellent year.

Tony said he was honoured to have again been elected president for the coming year and would do his utmost to serve the Club to the best of his ability. Like most Lions Clubs in the country, Stowmarket Lions was also an ageing club and needed to attract new members although he was optimistic that with the improved awareness and standing within the media this improved our potential to attract new members.

Tony also announced that his chosen charities for the year were:

MacMillan Nurses
Suffolk Young Carers
Stowmarket Opportunity Group

Tony's next role of Lion President was to announce who his officers would be for 2017 - 2018:

In summary:

President - Tony Wass
Past President - Kevin Standrin
Vice President - Andy Manning
Secretary - Ian Clark
Treasurer - Keith Cooper
Community Services - David Thomas
Fund Raising - Kevin Parker
Lion Tamer - Clive Penton
International Relations and LCIF - Peter Elford
Programme - Colin Denton
Youth Affairs - Andy Friend
Fellowship - Andrew Ward
Press, PRO & Website - Rob Hale
Membership - Kevin Standrin
Safety Officer - Peter Smith
IT - Jonathan Pearce
Charter - Peter Smith
Tail Twister - Mike Tuffin

First, Lion President announced his delight that Andy Manning had agreed to be Vice President


Vice President - Andy Manning


Secretary - Ian Clark


Treasurer - Keith Cooper


Community Services - David Thomas


Fund Raising - Kevin Parker

Programme - Colin Denton

Lion Tamer - Clive Penton


International Relations and LCIF - Peter Elford


Youth Affairs - Andy Friend

Fellowship - Andrew Ward



IT - Jonathan Pearce

Membership - Kevin Standrin

Safety Officer - Peter Smith

Charter - Peter Smith

Tail Twister - Mike Tuffin


Rob Hale - News Flasher - Press, Public Relations and Website


Lions Club of Stowmarket & District - President - Officers - Members and Partners
Together - £52,000.00 total for Fundraising in 2016 17


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Handover Dinner - Thursday 15th June 2017
Handover Dinner - Thursday 15th June 2017
Lion President Kevin Standrin welcomed everyone to the 2017 - 2018 Handover Kevin introduced Sue Smith, Fundraising Manager for My Wish Charity at West Suffolk Hospital who had very kindly come...
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