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My Wish Charity - Thank You Evening - Monday 26th February 2018

My Wish Charity - Thank You Evening - Monday 26th February 2018
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West Suffolk Hospital Education Centre

Monday 26th February 2018
My Wish Charity Fourth annual ‘thank you’ event chaired by Sue Smith Fundraising Manager 


Sue opened the proceedings by welcoming and thanking everyone for turning out on such a bitterly cold night and reminding everyone that West Suffolk hospital cost £500,000 a day to run.  My WiSH Charity is comprised of over 90 individual funds and allows West Suffolk hospital staff to go the extra mile which is what makes West Suffolk hospital so special.  Sue introduced the new chair person for My WiSH Charity, and the hospital Sheila Childerhouse also a new member of staff, Amy Hatch. Paul Rayner who heads up special events committee was also given a special thank you.


The relatively new West Suffolk Spin cycling event last year raised £16,000 and included cowbells which were rung celebrating each cyclist who finished.  The cycle spin event takes place on 3 June 2018 at Nowton Park.  The committee for the group comprises of six people picked by Paul Rayner from both inside and outside west Suffolk hospital. Visit www.mywishcharity.co.uk to sign up

Every Heart Matters.  The target of 500,000 has already been one third achieved in a very short space of time.  Sue Smith said the evening was a thank you evening and a number of fundraising heroes had been invited along to give their reasons for fundraising,  how they went about the fund raising and what they achieved.

Katie McLernon
First to speak was Katie a physiotherapist who generated £8000 in monies passing over £2000 to My WiSH Charity.

Katie and her sister Lucy successfully completed the Iron Man challenge with only six months training.  A reminder of what comprises the Ironman challenge is first to swim in open water for 2.3 miles,  then cycle for 112 miles and then run a full marathon and all to be completed within a 17 hour window. Katie and her sister completed the iron man in 14 hours and 9 minutes.

Her motivation to raise funds came from her mother who had battled her way so bravely through a very aggressive cancer where she overcame numerous adverse prognoses and was in fact in the audience that evening having made remarkable steps in remission. She had received fantastic help, support, treatment and care.

Next to speak was Jo Floyd - Ward manager G8 Stroke Unit
Jo Floyd explained the rationale behind going that extra mile for her patients and relatives and assured the audience the brilliant pieces of equipment their money had purchased, one of which list included Dyson fans which had proved an absolute godsend for an old ward building which in the summer desperately needed the fans to keep everyone more comfortable. She also shared her shopping list with the audience.

Lorraine Smith
Lorraine was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2016 and with the support she received from all at West Suffolk hospital she embarked on helping the fundraising campaign called “Love your nodes”  She set up a sponsored walk on April 17 where she was joined by 27 Friends and colleagues and raised £2700

Natasha Bill
Natasha’s father died in November 2016 from bladder cancer.  Natasha raised £6199 by undertaking a wing walk on an aeroplane, the money will benefit future cancer patients at the West Suffolk Macmillan Unit.

Sam Hobson
Sam Hobson is a palliative care practice nurse who described the Butterfly Fund. Sam and her team visit all appropriate wards across West Suffolk Hospital and see around 800 patients per annum 50% of whom are cancer patients. The team include three doctors and an education nurse and they support staff and patients.
They have end of life champions and are looking for volunteers who would be trained to sit with patients for two hour slots so helping the patient and the family
They also have palliative care packs for those that at the moment’s notice need to go into hospital and be with their loved ones.  These packs can include toothpaste, a chocolate bar, polos and tissues.
Sam also has a further shopping list!

Sue Smith summed up and thanked everyone for coming along that evening to help the My WiSH Charity and family. Sue also gave special thanks to 'Jam Tartz' who had very kindly funded the canapés and drinks for the evening. Last but not least Sue invited Dr Stephen Dunn, Chief Executive of west Suffolk hospital to say a few words.

Steve Dunn
Steve Dunn thanked everyone for coming that evening and helping to raise funds for the My WiSH Charity which allowed the staff at West Suffolk hospital to go the extra mile which was so so important.

Steve mentioned some of the achievements of West Suffolk hospital.  The hospital earlier this year was rated as outstanding by the Quality Care Commission

West Suffolk hospital had the longest memory walk in the NHS. 

West Suffolk hospital had achieved the accolade of being the best hospital in England for the last three years in the early detection of cancer

West Suffolk hospitals Stroke Unit was in the top 10 in the country. 

Last year the hospital had the best record in England for hip care

It was in the top 10 for keyhole surgery in the country

It had some of the best palliative care staff and the end of life care team had been rated as outstanding. 

West Suffolk Hospital overall had been rated the third most efficient in England.

The extra mile was all important and the support and help of everyone there tonight allowed West Suffolk hospital to go that extra mile.



Bury Free Press Friday March 2nd 2018

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