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P & O Cruises

Exceptional standards of service, the opportunity to visit a string of enchanting destinations in one holiday and excellent value for money make cruising an increasingly popular way to get away from it all. But what sets P&O Cruises apart? We offer holidays tailored to the British passenger and assure a depth of experience, derived from our years of expertise and sense of history.

The name 'P&O' is synonymous with shipping and the company has a rich history dating back to the 1830's. P&O Cruises continues to build on this heritage, with a strong commitment to innovation and the development of the modern cruise experience, whilst maintaining our position as Britain's leading cruise line.

Sailing Britain's largest and most modern fleet, our 7 ships each have a distinct and unique personality. This enables our passengers to choose a ship and style of cruise experience that suits their lifestyle and expectations - allowing them to tailor their holiday to their wishes.

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P & O Cruises
P & O Cruises
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